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Can I own “a piece of the rock?

“I love my city and my neighborhood, and I’m interested in being part of the Lindsey Hill community--but as an owner rather than as renter. Is there a place for me?”

We originally envisioned Lindsey Hill as an all rental community (that gives us better control over what happens at the project).  But some of our neighbors have indicated that they’d like to own at Lindsey Hill as they move from their larger homes into something more manageable in retirement or as they otherwise change lifestyle.  

To address that desire, we are eliminating the hotel component of Lindsey Hill as originally envisioned, and replacing it instead with spacious luxury condominium flats that allow for comfort and easy mobility.

Lindsey Hill is designed to offer options to people who want to downsize and/or age in place in a vibrant, inter-generational community.

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