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Lindsey Hill is a residential mixed-use community located in the heart of San Marcos.  It connects to and complements surrounding downtown and in-town neighborhoods.  A walkable neighborhood, Lindsey Hill offers its residents an environmentally friendly, non-car dependent village lifestyle.  By physical design and function, Lindsey Hill is intended to be a graceful and peaceful space that invites residents, neighbors, guests, and the public to interact with one another in building community.


Securing Our Future

Our region is changing.  Central Texas is on the national map as “the place to be.”  Dynamic economy, high quality of life, and attractive cost of living all are factors that figure into the equation. 

The good news is that companies that have the jobs of the future want to be in this region.  They want to locate in places that their employees find most attractive because, in this day and age, “employers follow employees.” 

What are their employees looking for?  Simplified, community-connected, environmentally-responsible lifestyles.  No long commutes.  No sprawling suburbs.  Closeness.  Walkability.  Spontaneous and interactive neighborhood life.

Lindsey Hill is designed to add this lifestyle option to the range of housing and living choices currently available in San Marcos.  It’s a solid bet on the future.  


Coronal Brighter.jpg

Coronal Institute, San Marcos, TX

Photo reproduced from the San Marcos-Hays County Collection at the San Marcos Public Library.

Returning to Our Roots

In the days of the Coronal Institute, San Marcos had a thriving town core that was compact, connected, and energized.  Its growth was key to the health and continuing prosperity of the region.  

The end of the Civil War brought both challenges and opportunity to the region.  Rebuilding the local economy--severly damaged by the war--was of supreme importance.   Thankfully, men and women of vision and ambition rose to the task.  Looking to the future, they created the urban infrastructure and planted the seeds that allowed San Marcos to grow and prosper.

The Coronal Institute was among the most important community assets of that day.  Its large campus, sitting atop a prominent hill, served as a center of learning and culture and as a driver for city and regional growth.  Most importantly, the Coronal Institute was a gathering place that connected people--a place that created community, a sense of place, and a sense of responsibility to a community-wide agenda.  That connectedness is why the surrounding neighborhoods grew up around this site.  

Lindsey Hill aspires to play a similar role in modern San Marcos as it responds to the ever-evolving needs of the community.  It's designed to provide a graceful transition linking downtown, the University and the Heritage neighborhoods in a way that benefits all of those neighborhoods.