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Jobs follow people. People follow simplified, high quality lifestyles.

"People are choosing lifestyle and quality of life first, and then find jobs."
- Greater San Marcos Partnership - San Marcos Innovation Summit, February 21, 2017

"In other words, today's talented employees decide where they want to live first and then find work in those places, rather than the other way around.  For this reason, employers are locating in communities that have the quality of place that will attract or have already attracted the talent that they need.  As a result, quality of place and 'sense of place' issues are central to a community's success in economic development."
- City of San Marcos Downtown Master Plan, 2008, Page 45

"Enhancing livability, therefore, should be a central objective in every city's economic transition strategy, and the elements of livability should be employed as economic development tools."
- Urban Land Institute, May, 2006