Development Team and Project Designers

Development Team

Guadalupe RE, LLC

David Lerman

I’ve been designing spaces and environments my whole life.  At age 10, I built my first structure: a simple log shelter hidden in the woods next to our family farm.  It was a retreat for my friends, my dogs, and me.  We explored nature, caught frogs and bugs, and cooked over small campfires.  We did Boy Scout stuff, learned to understand and respect nature, and honed our skills as “woodsmen builders.”  It was an exciting and memorable first building experience. 

The magic of that project stayed with me.  I work today with more than hand axes, sheath knives, and rope, but the essentials of what I get to do as a developer are the same: Find a remarkable site.  Build in harmony with the site and its surroundings.  Create well-designed structures that invite their users to have (and to share with others) experiences that are exciting, memorable, and lasting.

Fifty years on, and I’m still driven and inspired by the challenge of creating unique spaces.


Mark Berins

I believe that real estate development is about seeing beyond your own needs and desires, beyond your own self-focused goals, and beyond your own existence to focus on understanding what will leave a positive, lasting mark, what will provide jobs and opportunity, and what will lift everyone in a community.  Economic development through the creation of broadly inclusive opportunities is a cornerstone of the projects I choose to pursue.  Realizing those opportunities in a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing manner where a project can be viewed 20 or 30 years later as continuing to contribute to a community is how I define success.  


Project Designers

Project Architect: Overland Partners (

Lindsey Hill is designed by Overland Partners, an internationally-renowned architecture and planning firm located in San Antonio, Texas.  Overland’s client list includes universities, museums, corporations, governments, private developers, and homeowners.  Overland has planned, designed, and created every type and style of project from thousand-acre master-planned communities to nature centers, university buildings, hotels, resorts, apartments, and mixed-use developments across the United States, in China, New Zealand, and other global locations.