Change is (Good?)

Why is welcoming the unfamiliar so hard for us?  Don’t beat up on yourself.  It’s a function of human nature.  Change represents uncertainty, and uncertainty makes us uncomfortable.

People don’t embrace change easily.  But change is inevitable.  Our lives are dynamic—not static.

Change represents opportunity.  For those with vision, agility, and flexibility, change usually translates into improvement in the quality of our lives.

San Marcos has a long tradition of embracing change.  It owes its very existence to native cultures who were willing to accept newcomers into their midst, and to pioneers who were willing to take chances settling in unfamiliar territory.  Its premier institutions—the Coronal Institute and later schools, churches, and businesses--all were launched in the face of uncertainty.  And some of its proudest moments—like the largely frictionless integration of its high school in 1955—are testaments to the courage and willingness to embrace change embedded in the community’s DNA.

San Marcos wins consistently when it bets on change and the future--and has a proud track record to prove it!