Lindsey Hill will not add to or create a flooding problem.  Lindsey Hill will use modern rainwater management techniques to slow water flows, reduce runoff pollutants, and capture some water on-site.  While the existing school buildings currently deposit all storm water on the surface, all buildings at Lindsey Hill will route storm water directly into storm sewer systems, further reducing the potential for flooding. 

Lindsey Hill will add a small additional amount of impervious coverage.  In the main, the new structures at Lindsey Hill will sit exactly in the locations where existing buildings or paved surfaces exist. 

Most importantly, however, Lindsey Hill is being built in a previously developed location rather than consuming raw, undeveloped land that is a critical part of Central Texas’ storm water management system.  The experts universally agree that building in previously developed areas is a far superior way for cities to grow if they want to reduce the potential for flooding.