Environmental Stewardship

Environmentalism is more than a slogan.  And it need not be dogma.  It’s simply a way of approaching life that’s a bit friendlier to the planet.

San Marcos is blessed with an outstanding cadre of citizen leadership and elected officials who take environmental stewardship very seriously.  They lead thoughtfully and effectively on environmental issues, and are focused on preserving precious natural and environmental resources.  As are we.  

Environmentalism is about making choices.  It means, among other things, avoiding development patterns that create sprawl.  Building in areas that already have experienced development and have road, water, sewer, and other infrastructure in place, rather than on previously undisturbed tracts that may have environmental sensitivity.  Driving less and walking more.  Sharing resources and open spaces. 

Intelligent growth and environmental stewardship are natural complements to one another, and go hand in hand. 

The rewards of environmentalism—whether at the city or personal level—go much deeper than just “feeling good” about contributing to the health of the planet.  They include direct and meaningful economic benefits.  Less sprawl means a reduced need to build and maintain streets and roads and to extend the coverage area of municipal services (police, fire, ambulance, etc.).  An investment in a more compact city translates into a reduced tax burden to the taxpayers.  

Everybody wins.