They’re not from here--how could they understand us?

At one time or another, in one generation or another, we all were “from somewhere else.”  That applies to the Clovis tribes who created the first settlement at the headwaters of the San Marcos River, the Spanish settlers who made the first attempt at European settlement in San Marcos, the pioneer founding fathers who migrated from other states and regions to lay out and build the original town, and many of our present-day leading citizens and elected and appointed officials.

The real question is not “where are your from,” but rather (as we say colloquially)  “where are you at?”  Do you see and appreciate the values of this community?  Are you committed to positively contributing to its growth and development?

The developer’s vision for Lindsey Hill is the outcome of a three year long quest to learn of the needs and priorities of the community, and to offer a project that is community-needs driven.  Lindsey Hill is a “fits like a glove” response to San Marcos’ Comprehensive Plan: Vision San Marcos.