What’s to prevent Lindsey Hill from turning into student housing?

Are we letting the fox into the henhouse? How do we know that apartment homes initially pitched as a project for the permanent population of San Marcos won’t morph into a student housing complex?

1)     The developer of Lindsey Hill is not chasing the student housing market. That already is a crowded market in San Marcos, and the developer prefers to focus on the currently underserved markets in this community: young professionals, adult residents, and seniors.

2)     Student housing complexes are designed in a very different way. To be successful, they require things that are not part of the Lindsey Hill design: (a) four and five bedroom/bathroom units surrounding shared kitchen and common area per apartment; (b) resort-style amenities (massive swimming pools; volley-ball courts; game rooms, etc.); and (c) “rent by the bedroom” leasing practices.

3)     Strict legal protections built right into the PDD zoning approval.  By agreement with the City and its legal department, Lindsey Hill has committed to the toughest legally binding leasing standards applicable anywhere in the City of San Marcos.  Those standards require, among other things, credit or property ownership history that undergraduate students do not possess.  Click here to review those leasing requirements.