What about the rest of us?

We’ve seen a lot of new housing construction over the past few years, but it all seems to be directed to students.  What gives? Are we destined to be “the city that got eaten by the university?”

Texas State has grown, and the University and private sector developers have responded by building new housing that is specifically geared to the needs of students.  You know the drill: big, often sprawling compounds featuring resort-style amenities, apartments with four and five bedroom/bathroom units surrounding a central living area, acres of parking lots. There’s a lot of competition in town in the student housing business.

But in the last decade, little to nothing has been added to the local apartment inventory to address the very different needs of two other significant growing segments of the San Marcos population:  young professionals and seniors.

Lindsey Hill sees that opportunity, and is designed instead specifically to meet the needs of the adult population who choose to call San Marcos home.

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