Architectural guidelines and legal standards

Lindsey Hill is what is known as a PDD project (PDD stands for “Planned Development District”).  By law, a PDD must be described in a comprehensive document (known as the PDD Standards Book for this project) that governs the design, development, construction, and (in certain respects) operation of the project.  The PDD Standards Book is a legal document that is enforceable by the City of San Marcos.

The PDD Standards Book for Lindsey Hill is highly detailed.  It contains very specific guidelines for architectural design.  It covers, among other things, materials, building frontages, window requirements, building expression, conceptual building design, and much more.  The existing PDD Standards Book for Lindsey Hill reflects many hours of work by the City of San Marcos professional staff, including the City’s legal department. It also includes changes made after input by a City Council subcommittee.  

Highlights of just some of the exacting architectural standards that apply to Lindsey Hill appear below. To learn more about the overall conceptual design commitment for Lindsey Hill, please click here.



Lindsey Hill needs no prompting when it comes to using high quality, long-lasting, durable materials.  The PDD Standards Book describes the list of materials that limits what may be used on the exteriors of Lindsey Hill.  Click here for more information on materials.

Wall Offsets

No boring buildings!  Buildings at Lindsey Hill are required to include wall offsets (sometimes referred to as "vertical expressions") to create variety and interest in building facades and to assure that no long, boring building walls exist.

Roof Height Variation

Roof heights vary across the project, and roof facade lines enjoying different architectural features will enliven the appearance of buildings at Lindsey Hill. 

Retaining Walls

At places where retaining walls will appear, they will be designed to create a pleasant pedestrian experience.

Window Requirements

Windows, window framing, and surrounding window elements will add rhythm and visual interest to the Lindsey Hill facades.

Height Stepback

Height stepbacks will be incorporated into building design to facilitate comfortable pedestrian experience and building scale.